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Dental Technology

The technology available at O'Connor Dental Centre helps our dentists provide accurate diagnoses, administer anesthetics with precision, and create treatment plans.

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Dental Technology, East York Dentist

Technology For Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

At O'Connor Dental Centre, we use dental technology like X-rays and intraoral scanners to gain a better understanding of the oral health issues that our patients have.

By getting a clearer picture of your oral health condition, we can more easily plan your treatments and monitor the health of your teeth and oral structures. It also allows us to discuss your treatment plan with you in greater detail using the images as a visual guide.

X-rays and scanners are only part of the technology that is offered at our East York dental clinic to help give a more thorough evaluation of our patient's oral health. We have a computerized anesthetic delivery system to help our patients feel comfortable during their dental appointments without having to freeze a large portion of their face.

iTero® 3D Scanner

The iTero intraoral scanner takes accurate, 3D impressions of your teeth and bite. These impressions are used to help plan your Invisalign treatment, create your custom-fitted clear aligners and monitor your progress. All of the data is stored digitally, making it easily accessible by your dentist so they can make adjustments to your treatment plan with minimal delays.

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Digital X-Rays

Your dentist uses digital X-rays to produce highly detailed images of the teeth, gums and other oral structures, including those that cannot be seen from the surface. This allows for in-depth diagnostics and treatment planning. Unlike traditional X-rays, which use film, digital X-rays use digital sensors connected to a computer. Thanks to this, these X-rays can be viewed immediately. You can even view your X-rays chairside, with your dentist, while they explain your results.

The Wand – Computerized Local Anesthesia

While there are sedation options to help you feel more comfortable during dental procedures, no one likes having local anesthetic administered. This is why we have The Wand. It delivers anesthesia slowly, with minimal discomfort. The Wand can also be used to freeze only the tooth that is being worked on, so half of your face does not feel numb.

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